Key Manufacturers M - Z

hydraulic trimming presses for sale refurbished used buy sellTrim presses remove excess material from the parts produced by die-casting equipment.  In the die-casting process, the metal is heated until it is in a liquid state, then the die cast forces the liquid metal into a mold.  The mold is also called a die. When the metal cools, it returns into a solid state.  The cast is ejected by ejector pins.  At this point, the trim press is used to remove excess material from the die. This excess material is called gate or flashing.

There are key manufacturers of trim presses in the die cast industry. While this page doesn't describe all of them, we hope to give you an overview and description of the major companies (M through Z).

Metal Mechanics manufactures trim presses for the metal die casting industry. Their trim presses can be integrated into automated loading or manual loading.  If you require new or existing cell stations, Metal Mecahnics can be engineered to fit virtually any size, platen size and speed.  Metal Mechanics offers radial arm drill presses, Bridgeports, clausing lathes, Fadal CNC vertical milling machines, ironworkers, burning tables, multiple saws, shears, and numerous other machines.

Robopres Ltd. has been manufacturing equipment for the die cast industry for 38 years. Robopres specializes in the manufacture of veneer presses.  In 1973 Vito Coppini, a manufacturer of hydraulic machines, made their first hydraulic equipment for the die cast industry.  Robopres is expanding its veneer presses for die casting industry, introducing innovative technolgy for their trim press. Robopres is recognized as a leader in the manufacture of leading edge trim presses.

Toshiba has been producing die casting products for over 100 years. Toshiba Corporation was formed as Tokyo Electric Co., and Shibaura Engineering Works Co. combined their operations. In 1938, the machine tool division of Shibaura Engineering Works Co. incorporated as an independent company under the name of Shibaura Tool Company, later transitioning to what is known today as the Toshiba Machine Company. Today Toshiba Machine Company supplies world-wide markets with products including; machine tools, die-casting machines, robotics equipment and plastic injection molding machines. Toshiba Machine Co. America is based in Oak Grove, Illinois.