vertical trim presses refurbished high pressure hot chamberWhy Buy Used Trim Presses?

Buying used, reconditioned trim presses can increase your profits by:

  • reducing equipment costs
  • reducing initial startup costs
  • reducing delivery time

These benefits can improve your return on investment by reducing expenses and speeding up delivery and startup, giving you the competitive advantage.

There are many types of trim presses including: vertical trim presses, horizontal trim presses, gap frame presses and C-frame presses.  In addition, there are many manufacturers of trim presses including: Metal Mechanics, Parker Hannifin, XLO B&T Greenlee Rapid Press, KR Wilson, Robopresse, Corsteel, Birch, Modern Hydraulics, DiLauro, All Die Cast, Quantum, Dennison, Robopres, Die Cast Press, Reis, E.A. Doyle Manufacturing, Wills Brothers, Sterling Detroit, Southern Engineering and Kard.

We sell used trim presses!